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Problem with white Whole Home disks

I have three of the BT white Whole Home WiFi disks in the house.  The BT hub is always blue and most of the time the white disks work well.  However between 2 and 4 times a day they stop providing WiFi and devices in the house (Alexa, Google) disconnect.  There is no time pattern which might suggest regular interference and it happens when nothing in the house is working which might interfere (e.g. microwave etc).

When the WiFi stops the disks and hub remain blue.  Waiting 10-20minutes and they start working again lthohgh occasionally if it takes longer they have to be re-started.

Very occasionally the hub and attached whole home disk stay blue but the other two white disks turn red but this isn’t the case most of the time.

I am puzzled by the disks showing blue but providing no WiFi to any device Of any brand  and then returning on its own. The house isn’t large and walls aren’t thick so they really shouldn’t struggle.  When set up the app said the placement was good.

Any suggestions how to fix it gratefully received.

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