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SOLUTION: HH6 USB, SSD drives and file format

I got a 2Tb Samsung  SSD drive for Christmas, to be connected to the Home Hub 6 USB port to use it as a Network Attached Storage (NAS). I had used an aged 300 Gb HDD drive this way for a few years, and this was intended as a simple upgrade.  

The HH6 'saw' the drive, with the proper name as reported by on the smart manager webpage \\ but although it indicated 'Connected', it wasn't.

I finally went through my various USB sticks and drives, and realised that the hub was balking at the file formatting of the SSD drive, which was exFAT.  When I tried any USB stick with NTFS or FAT32, it recognised the drives without problem, but wouldn't transfer from any exFAT drives.

So, reformatted the SSD drive to NTFS, and it was recognised by the hub.

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