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Scheduling Wi-Fi off

Now that we have been upgraded to full fibre the total power consumption of the Smart Hub 2 and ONT is about 15W.  Our old hub used to draw about 6.5W and we turned it off at night to save more power, which is not an option now as we would lose our phone connection (digital voice).  The annual power usage has therefore jumped from about 38kWh to about 132kWh at an additional cost of around £30.  After some experimentation I have found that the total power consumption reduces to about 10.5W if the Wi-Fi is turned off.  Unfortunately it seems that this can only be done manually via the hub manager which is a bit inconvenient as you then have to plug in an ethernet device to turn it back on in the morning.  You can schedule the Wi-Fi to be blocked to individual devices but not all Wi-Fi to save power.  I think it would be really useful, for people who are keen to save power, if the Wi-Fi could be turned off on a timed schedule.  Could this be done with a simple software update to the hub or the hub manager?  Perhaps it would be possible to go even further and put the hub in to a low power standby mode that only maintained sufficient functionality to keep the phone line working?

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