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Sky Q setup for bt whole wifi...

Hi all,

Thought I would share my sky setup with these, as from being a hurrendous experience I know have a stable setup (well 95 percent of the time).  It may be the new firmware has made it better, but not going to undo all I have done to see.

My sky q setup i have the main box and two min boxes, however I use one mini box as the main box.  I Also have loads of other Devices using the 5k band as well.

One simple fix if you have issues with mini box’s locking up and not finding the network, is putting them on 720p within the settings  reducing the bandwidth, and you still get a decent picture, may be all you need to do,  if not then:

So I had continued drop outs, devices reconnecting and disconnecting when they were being moved between the discs, plus sky mini boxes dropping out.   Moans from the family, Xbox not working, Internet down.  Paid a bit of money for these, didn’t want to use the as frisbees.

set the discs up as per instructions or factory reset if required at first, however do not turn off the wireless on your main router, rename the bt network to something else and make every other device connect on this name, leave all the sky equipment looking at original network name.

For me have the sky mini boxes on 720p picture resolution settings and having in affect 2 network names has really been very stable, of course with WiFi you always get the odd issue, 

The new firmware update may have also helped.

Broadband provider sky

router skys

1 sky q box x 2 mini boxes

1 x sky booster.

3 x bt whole WiFi discs







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Re: Sky Q setup for bt whole wifi...

Broadband provider sky

router skys

You're on the wrong forum Sheppy, if your ISP is Sky and your hub is Sky then you should really try the Sky forums, they'll have more experience in helping you and offer options.

I was under the impression that Sky Q main box would be a wi-fi access point when you have Sky BB, so in theory you shouldn't need all the boosters and wi-fi extenders, you should be able to connect the mini boxes to the closest wi-fi point, either your Sky hub or main Q box, depending on their locations.

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