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Slow speeds from Fibre 500 via BTAC2600 Whole Home Wi-Fi discs


Last week we had FTTP installed, with a maximum speed of 500MBPS. When I connect my work laptop directly to the Home Hub2 via an Ethernet cable, I receive a very reasonable speed back:


I’m extremely happy with this! However… I purchased a three pack of the BTAC2600 Whole Home Wi-Fi discs and have connected these, following the setup instructions carefully. Everything is working correctly, apart from the speed available across the network: the maximum download speed is approximately 90MBPS across the network.

I have tried a variety of combinations, including only connecting one disc next to the router and ensuring that there is nothing else plugged into the router ports, but the speed never increases. Similarly, I've tried having all three discs in close proximity, but again, no change. I've also tried turning off the wi-fi on the home hub, but if anything that appeared to reduce the speed on the discs (which I didn't expect). 

I purchased the discs on the understanding that they should offer a faster download speed than this, given the speed coming out of the hub. I wondered if anyone else might have any thoughts / solutions, please?

For information, I have ensured that the firmware on both discs and hub are the latest versions. I have tried several restarts of all devices and have undertaken a factory reset of the discs, but to no avail. We have a four bedroom, two storey house , so it isn't massive and I imagined that the three discs would be sufficient. I'm loathe to purchase more on the off-chance that they may make a difference. 



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