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Smart Hub 2 .. Alternatives ????

Hi Guys, 

I'm not in a great mood today .. for the SECOND TIME in 3 Weeks my Smart Hub 2 has gone T*TS up .. There I am happily watching an IPTV film last Night & BOOM!!! Spinning Circle appears  I Spins round to see the Hub gone Orange AGAIN  !!!! (Hub is located on a high shelf in the corner of my Office / Living Room) 

From what I can gather from here & about the net the Smart Hub 2 will "Re-Boot" if it detects a "Problem"   (which I can well understand) but Fer Gods sake TELL ME WHAT THE PROBLEM IS!!!! (then I can "report it / Fix it or just plain ignore it !!") .. Theres nothing showing in the Tech Logs of the Smart 2 Just says "Re-Booted" & a Time Stamp.

So, Time to bid   Au revoir  to the Smart Hub 2 & get a Bit of kit that actually "Works"  I have FTTP & an optical Modem ??????  at the foot of the wall & an Ethernet cable from there up to the Smart Hub 2 

What would you suggest ???  (I'm not seriously bothered over how many Ethernet Connections it has ) as you will have read in my previous post I have Gigabit Switches at various points around the house + I DO NOT have "Digital Voice" (so thats a "plus" I suppose)

I'm hearing good reports about the Archer C80, the Lynsys EA 6350,  the Asus RT AX88U & the  Netgear Nighthawk X6S 

Which one do I spend my Hard earned Pennies on ?? (or are there others I've not come across yet ???? 

I am NOT "A Gamer" (Too old at 64!!) & the last time I "Played" a game it was Tetris (& that confused the hell outta me !!) ....  IPTV / Films / Social Media (I run several FB pages for "older" members) "Life in the 50's / 60's & 70's" things like that ..  YUP Thats ME ALL OVER !! 

So, Gentlemen your Advise is sort .. Whats my next "purchase" 

Regards Keith J .



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Re: Smart Hub 2 .. Alternatives ????

Have you considered the possibility that fault might not lie with your router but your line or exchange?

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