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Smart Hub 2 - Heavy Use WiFi Fix.

Hi gang,

I've been having an issue when backing up an entire PC over wifi. The process would get about half way through, then mysteriously fail. No error messages were ever present to provide a clue as to why.

However, touching the case of the Smart Hub -2 would find it to be red hot! It's sited in a clear location with good air space around it. 

Hmm, what could I do?

Buy an inexpensive USB to 3 pin fan adapter and connect an old PC CPU fan to it!  A couple of short screws attach it to the back of the Hub.

Powered off the, otherwise useless, USB port on the Smart Hub 2. The fan is silent yet keeps the Hub cool to the touch.

My back-up succeeded at the first attempt after fitting the fan.

Cool Baby!Cool Baby!