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Smart Hub 2 + Whole Home Wi-Fi + Complete Wi-Fi?

I currently have a set up of a Home Hub 5/ Smart Hub (same thing?) with it's wifi turned off, and six whole home wifi disks, that works pretty nicely.

I've now taken up an 'upgrade' to my package, which included a free Smart Hub 2 and Complete Wi-Fi disk.

What i'd like to do (or know if is possible) is to expand my set up. 

Ideally I would use the Smart Hub 2 as a wireless router, PLUS the whole home wifi kit, pluss the new Complete Wifi disk. Can this be done? My current understanding is that the whole home wifi cannot mesh with the old home hub, but it is unclear if the Smart Hub 2 can be the 'base' of a new mesh? ie get rid of the whole home wifi disk sitting right next to the home hub?

Any clarification would be much appreciated!

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Re: Smart Hub 2 + Whole Home Wi-Fi + Complete Wi-Fi?

@ishamm I don't believe what you're trying to do is possible,  I found the following on the complete wifi FAQ's

Will Complete Wi-Fi work alongside my Whole Home Wi-Fi network?

Whole Home Wi-Fi is designed to eliminate dead spots in all homes in one seamless network. It works no matter who your broadband provider is to create a separate network in your home.

Complete Wi-Fi is different to Whole Home Wi-Fi and the two don't work together. Complete Wi-Fi is based on similar technology but with improved firmware integrated into the Smart Hub 2.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 + Whole Home Wi-Fi + Complete Wi-Fi?

Ok. How daft, perhaps they should consider, if it is simply a firmware difference, introducing compatability between their own (almost idential) products...

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