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Smart Hub 2 stuff

Morning all,

I have a Sophos UTM firewall fronting my internet connection, and I use the SH2 and one disc to provide my wifi. as we're all at home now, i'm regularly hearing 'my laptop just disconnected' so i thought i should look into it.  Coincidentally my wife's regular PC has *stopped* disconnecting, and that coincided with me accidentally leaving the disc switched off.

The wifi disc is upstairs and has firmware The SH2 has v0.15.00.06145-BT, updated on Thu Nov 28 13:31:40 2019. Presumably there are newer versions that I am not getting, and i'm not getting them because the device is not facing the BT network.

Questions:  1) is there any way at all I can upgrade the firmwares without connecting the device directly to the internet connection? I can do it but it will be disruptive to say the least, and I see no mechanism for forcing the SH2 to update even if I do that.

2) the event log on the SH2 has ridiculous timestamps. The events are not in date order, and don't even show the year. Some are dated before the router was installed, and none are dated this year. I assume they are in the order in which they actually occurred, but appear out of order as the device had no time source. Is there anything I can do to allow the SH to get accurate time? i'm guessing not as it's likely going to use the (disconnected) WAN port for that, but worth asking.

I can live with this to be honest, as I have a practical need for the UTM, but i'd like to make the best use of the BT kit that I can. 


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