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Smart Hub (HH6) WiFi 2.4Ghz speed dropped since firmware update


Earlier this week I carried out a speed check on my broadband, via WiFi, and noticed it had dropped from the usual 60+Mbps down to 39Mbps.

Thought nothing of it at the time but have since carried out 4 more checks and it is always below 40Mbps, used to be in the 50/60s. This is the same on 3 devices and my mobile if I connect via 2.4Ghz.

I have not changed anything and using the same equipment in the same location. Looking at the Smart Hub status page I noticed that it had received a firmware update to SG4B1000E077 on the 5th March. This is the only change I can identify.

Another PC using 5Ghz gets the full speed so it is only the 2.4Ghz band equipment that is affected.

This is a Smart Hub V1 connected to an ONT on FTTP.  WAN link speed: 1000Mbps.

This is mainly for information as I do not think there is anything I can do to correct it.

Is anyone else suffering from this problem ?

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Re: Smart Hub (HH6) WiFi 2.4Ghz speed dropped since firmware update

Remembered I have a spare Smart Hub and have just connected it up.

Firmware SG4B1000B540

With this hub the speed has increased back up to 58Mbps again.

Refit SG4B1000E077 hub and speeds are back down below 40Mbps.

I will use the spare hub until the firmware updates to SG4B1000E077 and see if it then suffers from the same WiFi slow down on 2.4Ghz.


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