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Re: Smart Hub Range very poor


At no point in my discussions with the various BT chat agents did I believe their claims of 500m. But as several chat agents clearly shared the same thing from the same script and stood by their claim, even when I challenged them,  I felt it was reasonable to expect I would easily get within 10% of their 500m claim,  50m would cover everything in my boundary.   I'm getting less than 20m.  

As they lied in writing and and I now have a router that is not fit for my purpose where do I stand? 

Someone had said on another post of mine asking for BT input that they do not comment here.  Well they do watch as I was direct messaged by BT that they objected to my sharing a chat transcript with the agents first name in and deleted it.  A shame they won't comment on their fraudulent claim of 500m range in that chat transcript.  

At which point does "up to 500m" mean guaranteed connection @ 500m. Don't think it can be classed as a mis-sell based on that in all honesty

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Re: Smart Hub Range very poor

No looking for 500m. 40m would be good for me. Is that unreasonable given the 500m claim ?
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