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Smart Hub

Is it me or is the Home Hub 6 (Smart Hub) totally useless. I've set it up almost how I want it and now the web Interface just sits 'Refreshing the list..please wait' All I want to do is rename a device and select the appropriate icon but this is a nightmare. I have tried from Chrome, IE, Edge, directly connected, via WiFi all to no avail. Sometimes it will list all my devices at the front screen and then when I select one it asks for the admin password and then goes back to 'Refreshing the list .. please wait'    Am I missing the point or is this router just a whole pile of **bleep**??

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Smart Hub

I have renamed quite a few of my devices and didn't have any problems. I did also change a couple of my devices to  reflect what they actually are and again that worked ok

maybe your hub is faulty

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