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Smart hub 2 with wifi disks

Hi I've had bt complete wifi with disks installed on the 4th dec so far I'm getting around 300mb to the hub but I'm getting on average about 20mb download speeds to our devices I've had 5 engineers out to try and rectify the issue but noone seems to know what's wrong I have 4 extra disks which do nothing I've rang bt on about 40 occasions I've been compensated twice but the issue is still there I've had a case manager that says everything is fine as long as the hub is getting 100mb that's all that matters but in there t&cs it states that they guarantee a strong wifi signal to every room the most I've seen is 180mb the least I've seen is 350kbps but the upload speed is over 40mb all the time but like I said its normally around 13mb I have another engineer out on Saturday if they turn up I've had 2 no shows so wouldn't surprise me just wondering if anyone else has had these issues or has a solution as I've tried changing settings in the hub 

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Re: Smart hub 2 with wifi disks

Do you have any Sonos devices or devices that create their own mesh (e.g. Amazon Echo, Sky Q) connected to the BT Smarthub/Complete Wifi system? I'm wondering if the Complete WiFi system doesn't work well with some of them.

I've got the SmartHub 2 and two black Complete Wifi discs and after initially being pleased with the total wifi coverage I was getting, I noticed the speeds were very variable, mostly slow, around the house.

After seeing this thread it prompted me to dig deeper:

I've found that since connecting one of the Sonos speakers to the router via ethernet cable the speeds are very stable and I typically see 68-72Mbps on all my devices (I have an 80 down/20 up connection).

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