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SmartHub not showing Playstation4 as a device on network

I have a BT SmartHub as my router.  

I have a PlayStation 4 on my network (in the basement).  It connects to the SmartHub by wifi via a TP-Link AV600 wifi extender (main unit links by cable to the Smarthub, then plugs into powerpoint, extender unit plugs into a distant powerpoint and devices can connect by cable or wifi).

The Playstation shows up on the list of devices only very intermittently.  Having it connected or not connected doesn't seem to have any effect.  I have the filter set as "Show All", so the PS4 should show up as a greyed out device, even when it's not connected.  When it does show up it shows as a gaming device.

How can I get it to show up all the time on the list of devices that can connect to the SmartHub?  

I want to be able to set the times it is allowed to connect to the network.

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Re: SmartHub not showing Playstation4 as a device on network

@NMorris have you checked if the PS4's MAC address is showing in the list of devices rather than the device name?

Community ModeratorNeilO
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Re: SmartHub not showing Playstation4 as a device on network

Neil, Hiya !!

Yes, when the PS4 has been connected via wifi I've looked for the wifi MAC address (the PS4 gives a separate MAC address for cable and wifi connections), the IP address, the device name and the device icon.

None show up when connected by wifi.  I have been speaking with the TPLink help line and did some more trials that they suggested.

I connected the PS4 via cable to the wifi extender in the basement and successfully reconnected the PS4 to the internet, specifying a cable connection.  It then showed up on the SmartHub (as being cable connected via Port 1, which is the port to which the wifi extender is connected to the Smarthub), with the cable MAC address, the right IP address, the right device name and the right icon, and showing as connected.  I then disconnected the cable and reconnected the PS4 to the internet, specifying a wifi connection.  The PS4 successfully connected to the internet, but did not show up in the wifi connected devices with any MAC address.  However, it remained in the list of cable connected devices, with the cable MAC address, but showing up as disconnected.  While it was connected via cable I was able to set access times for the PS4 on the SmartHub.  But as it is a different MAC address for cable and wifi connections I doubt the access controls will work for a wifi connection (but I've yet to stay up late enough to test it 😞 .

I haven't tried connecting it directly to the SmartHub's wifi yet, which is one thing that TPLink suggested.

Interstingly, I have a LG smart TV which connects through one of the other wifi extender units which is on the ground floor, and it shows up on the Smarthub as being connected by cable, even though it connects via wifi to the extender and TPLink say that it should show up as connected by wifi.  All the phones in the house that connect via the wifi extenders show up as being connected as wifi devices.

So, I have a work around, if I choose to keep the PS4 connected to the wifi extender by cable.  But the access controls are avoided by unplugging the cable and reconnecting via wifi.  So it's not foolproof (because fools are so ingenious!!)

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