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Unblocking function not working for BT Whole Home Wifi

Blocked a device and now I cannot unblock it, the button is there you can press it but it does nothing.

The only thing that occurs is a brief spinning of a loading wheel before literally, nothing happens.

Also is there any particular reason why we can't block/unblock devices using the Whole Home Wifi web login page? 



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BT Devices Expert
BT Devices Expert
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Re: Unblocking function not working for BT Whole Home Wifi

Hi, sorry you're having trouble. There was a bug in previous version of firmware (subsequently fixed). What you're seeing is most likely a lingering effect of that bug.

Couple of options for you to try:

Option 1:

- Switch-off the device you're having problems with and wait a little while until it appears as Offline in the devices list on your App

- When it's offline, you'll see a "Forget device" button at the bottom of that device's page

- Forget the device, then try blocking again (or add it back to a group if it was in a group before)

See if that works.


If that hasn't worked, try the more nuclear option below.

Option 2:

- if option 1 didn't work, then your device list may be more severly corrupted and you need to reset it

- go to Devices tab on the App and scroll to the bottom to see the red "Reset Devices List" button

- this will clear all your devices, your groups, your access controls, etc and you can start afresh

After resetting the list and reconfiguring your access controls, it should all be working fine again.

Hope this helps. But come back here if it doesn't. 

Device expertBrunoN
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