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User advise Decor 2600 please

Mum-in-law (84 and with dementia) has a BT Decor 2600, which I have setup, and monitor when I visit (no internet/broadband) deleting spam numbers, deleting the call list and blocking some etc.

We leave the “ans on/off” at off, as when a message is left it beeps, and not understanding what to do, she unplugs it. 1571 is also disabled. However, she occasionally presses “ans on/off” turning it on, which is a nightmare. It usually involves a neighbours help, or a long 4 hour drive each way!

MIL is only capable of using the phone to answer a call, or make a call.

I was hoping that by turning on the Answer Machine to Answer Only (recording a please ring back, no messages can be left) message, it would avoid the on/off problem. 

In my head someone could ring (say) 10 rings, and Answer Only would only click in if she didn’t answer? Not sure if a caller would go straight to “Answer Only” though, and never get through.

Can anyone advise please?
Thank you.

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