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Using BT Smart Hub 6 as just a modem?


When I went fibre, I got an HH3 with a separate white box modem. Now I didnt much like the HH3 so bought a separate Netgear Router for my home network.

Recently however, Im been experiencing some broadband disconnects while the wifi is still on and enabled. This means I can connect to my router but not the web. I suspect the old original white BT modem has gone past its best by date.

Luckily, BT sent me a new SmartHub 6 a few months ago. Some people may question why but Id like to continue using my Netgear router as the network 'router.' Is there a procedure for turning off the router function in the SmartHub 6 and just using it to replace the old white box modem?

Any info greatly appreciated!

Oh and is the time the old white box modem working a record!?

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Re: Using BT Smart Hub 6 as just a modem?

The hubs don't have a modem only mode

there are still many people using the white openreach modems so your is not a record

have you checked there is no line noise causing modem to drop connection

dial 17070 option 2 should be silent and best with corded phone 

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