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WHole Home Wifi : Looking at logs


I have WHWF 3 discs Firmware build 22. I have an issue with my Samsung S8 not wanting to connect repeatedly and thought I would check the logs. What that showed me - probably unrelated - is thay my smart TV also a Samsung seems to be constantly connecting and reconnecting (no sign of "fails logged") to the same disk about every 30-40 seconds!


What I want to know is if threre are any people out there how can give a crash course in properly interpreting the system log files from these things.


I can identify devices from MAC addresses OK, and I can see obvious actions: connect, reconnect, fail, time set, etc. what about RSSI_High 2G>5G LEGACY, LOW ROAM, etc? I assume the former is something to do with switching betwen 2.4 to 5GHz bands? I also have a line saying "Leagacy Steering Black List Added" ??? (not my bad spelling!)


I also sometimes see "[MAC} blacklisted in MAC filter list", where the [MAC] is one of the discs !!! this seems odd...


Any help would be much appreciated.


Also does anyone know what Firmware build 24 does, adds, fixes?



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Re: WHole Home Wifi : Looking at logs

Hi @ThePusscat,


Welcome to the community forum. I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with your BT Whole Home Wifi. You can contact the BT Whole Home Wifi helpdesk on 0808 100 6116 or an email to:


It would be great if you could download the log files that cover a period where the Samsung S8 was disconnecting & reconnecting as I'm sure this will help the helpdesk with their investigation.





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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