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What is an acceptable speed drop across wholehome wifi system?

I have a smart hub 2 on fibre 100. So, i get a speed of 150mbps to my hub and guaranteed 100mbps. Great. So, i have set up a whole home wifi system with 5 disks made up of a 3 pack and 2 pack. You should be able to see which disks are with which group as per the attached screen shot. 

Now, the speed i get when connected to the hallway disk is between 130-140mbps. However, across the other disks, the max speed is 100mbps. Is this an acceptable speed drop? I appreciate that there are a number of variables that can affect the wifi signal. 

i tried to get the disks to be connected by daisy chain, but they haven’t. I’ve also switched steering off for legacy devices which has stabilised the network ad this was causing it to drop out. 

I've also noticed that sometimes, i can be sitting 3ft away from the disk in the dining room but the device (in this case a tablet) still wants to be connected to the disk in the study which is on the first floor,  So, it doesn't seem to automatically connect to the nearest or strongest signal. 

interestingly enough, when my laptop is connected to the study disk, speed checking software suggests it has a download speed of 130-140mbps.

Is my expectation of the whole home wifi system unreasonable or too high?

Some advice or assistance would be appreciate.  Thanks.



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Re: What is an acceptable speed drop across wholehome wifi system?

Hmmm, well that's interesting. I had a problem with the 2 disk pack in that both disks were displaying a solid red light. Followed the troubleshooting and in my wisdom, hit the reset button on the dining room one.

anyway, long and short of it, re-added the disk to the system which ended up being in the configuration noted in my first post.  However, i decided to turn off the bedroom, dining room and lounge and switch them back on in my perceived correct order. Turns out doing that resulted in the tree below, no large gap between the 3 pack and 2 pack disk sets and, daisy chained the lounge one.  One thing to note was that instead of having the app running, i had the web access running.

will be interested to see what the speed drop is like now. 


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