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What would make a WholeHome disc "disassociate" my Sky Q ?

I've been trying to diagnose Sky Q falling off the internet for about 2 years. It's got worse recently since I got a Sky v3 box.

I've also got a Sky Q booster wifi repeater. This isn't supposed to be used to get to the internet, but just to help out between a sky mini and the Q, they use their own mesh, but it seems like the Q does use it to back-connect to the internet as well. I've never told the booster how to get to the WH, I don't think, but it's connected. Maybe the Q gave it the WH SSID and passcode.

Anyway - this time when the Q has disappeared off the WH I looked at the logs and found at the same time it was last seen:

22.11.2020 02:48:41 IF[2.4G]:STA(Q's MAC ADDRESS) had been aged-out and disassociated

What would make the WH decide to do that? A long period of inactivity?

The Q does not reconnect directly when it gets turned back on. It can still get to the internet though, because the booster is still working. Unfortunately at some point in the next 24 hours typically, the booster will always lock up (no idea why) so I end up having to reboot things. On a good day, it's just the booster.

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Re: What would make a WholeHome disc "disassociate" my Sky Q ?

Hi @choddo  welcome back and thanks for your post.

It would be best to contact the WHW product team for help with this. You can call them on 0808 100 6116 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5.30pm and Sat 9am to 2pm) or drop them an email to:



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