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Which discs should I use.

I have just signed up to bt broadband. At the moment I am with virgin and have 3 BT whole home discs. I will need at least one more possibly 2 more. To get wifi in every room all of the time is the most important thing. My question is should I go down this route or should I pay £10 a month extra to get the WiFi guarantee. I am making a big saving swapping to BT so the cost is ok. I just wanted to know if it really is as good as they say. Has anyone got it and still struggling or got the £100 back. And finally if I can't get WiFi everywhere and I get £100 back can I cancel the £10 a month or not?

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Re: Which discs should I use.


Welcome to this user forum.

As you already have the Whole Home white discs, then you would be better just to carry on with them if they are working fine. I think you can add extra ones to the system.

You cannot use them with the black complete wifi discs anyway, so you would have to sell the ones you have.

I doubt very much that you would find the complete wifi system any better, and you would still not get any more discs than you have already. So only three discs.

"We'll send you a new Smart Hub 2 and single Wi-Fi disc to get you started. This covers the majority of homes, but if you still need more we'll send up to two extra discs free of charge. And if for any reason you can't get a signal everywhere, you can get £100 back."