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Whole Home Dual Band WiFi issues

Started having problems with devices supporting dual band WiFi on my Whole Home System. I think it has started since last update.

first thing I noticed was app didn’t work properly on my tablet, alternated between OK and no internet connection. But then was OK when I tried it on a 2.5GHZ only phone.

then a printer that had no connection problems for 3 years started dropping off line for no apparent reason.

eventually fixed that by turning WiFi back on on my Sky hub and splitting the configs of the 2.5 and 5 GHz network and connecting printer to the 2.5 only. Has been rock solid for last 8 weeks.

Now I have noticed that if I monitor my Nest Cam from my tablet then the app keeps reporting it lost lost connection to my Nest Service, but camera never loses connection.

looking at a WiFi analyser there doesn’t seem to be any potential interference on either band.

as far as I now it isn’t possible to split WiFi bands in the Whole Home. Any other suggestions?

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