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Whole Home Mesh and extra DLink


I currently have a 5 disc mesh setup with pretty much a disc in each room.  Despite only having a 3 bed bungalow I still struggle to get a signal to the wifi cameras attached to the side of the house.  The walls must be mega thick since even between internal rooms I teeter between blue and orange on some of the discs.  I've placed one disc in the loft to try and attrack the wifi cameras to it (since its a bungalow this disc is about the same height as the cameras.  It can manage two of the cameras but the other two still try to connect to discs in the house and end up with 1 or no bars signal.

I have been gifted a Dlink dir 878 router which looks like a serious bit of kit.  In setting it up I can actually get wifi in pretty much every room independent of the BT discs.  I havent tried connecting the cameras just yet due to the hassle of having to remove them to scan the codes inside to connect to another network.   I was wondering if there were some way to utilise this router within my setup.  I wonder whether I can hang it off the disc in the loft but then it will create its own Wifi network im guessing.  Is there anyway for it to 'mesh in' with the rest, or to just extend the signal that loft disc is making for further reach.  Or could I make the DLink create a SSID thats the same as the BT discs? Again I think this may create a distinct network.  Its clear I dont know what im doing with this.

I really know very little about networking and all this stuff.  But it would appear with 5 discs and a decent wifi router i should be able to get decent signal to all my devices and my cameras within a 3 bed bungalow!

Thanks for any advice.

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