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Whole Home - Second Random SSID showing - BT-HCS6


Since using my Whole Home kit I have been rather happy with it. I have found on the Second or third day of it being installed I have noticed I am now seeing a random SSID coming from my devices. - BT-HCS6 (I have changed my SSID since day one) and regardless of reboots it still appears. 

I believe it could of started after I enabeld the guest network, but then turned it off (As it is not needed). In the apps and website it is showing as off but this second SSID is showing. (The guest network was also custom SSID). 

I know this is coming from my set as I have tracked down the signal using inSSIDer. I know a factory reset would fix it but I don't fancy doing that. 


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BT Devices Expert
BT Devices Expert
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Re: Whole Home - Second Random SSID showing - BT-HCS6

Weird. These are whole home wi-fi white discs, is that right? i.e. not black Complete Wi-Fi discs.

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