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Whole Home Setup

Hi all

I've got Virgin Media running on a SuperHub2 in modem mode with a Netgear router and 8 port switch for all my wired devices.  I just bought the 2 disc Whole Home kit to give it a try and breathe some life into a couple of dead spots.  Very impressed so far and will probably order another 2 pack to give me 4 in total.

So, I have have positioned my discs to cover a couple of dead spots in the kitchen and upstairs.  At the moment, the best network in the lounge, for example, is still the wifi on the Nighthawk router.  This means I have to manually switch to the Whole Home network if I go into the kitchen to get the best speed.

I guess if I buy a couple more discs then it'll cover the whole house and I can just forget the other networks and use the Whole Home one.

I also have a lot of home automation kit and it makes sense for some of that to use the wifi on the router rather than the Whole Home discs.  This is giving me problems as, on some of it, you have to be on the same network to operate the device.

Is there a way round this that anyone can see?  Or should I just wait until I get 2 more discs and then connect everything to the Whole Home wifi?

Question 2... How does this all affect devices that are hardwired into the switch or router vs those connected on the Whole Home stuff?

For example, I run a few Raspberry Pis to do stuff around the house.  If I have one Pi hardwired to the router and another connected to the Whole Home wifi, is that the same as if I had one hardwired and the other connected to the router wifi?  Or are they treated as completely separate networks?

Still struggling to get my head round the concept but I'm sure once the penny drops I'll be fine.


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Re: Whole Home Setup

Hi Andy

I used to be with Virgin (but with BT now) the SuperHub is a bit buggy to work with. Where as the BT router cannot be set into "Bridge Mode or be extended" I eventually got the SuperHub to let my Apple router broadcast the wireless network but had to let the SuperHub assign the IP’s (switching off the wireless on the SH).

The biggest issue you will have is having multiple wireless networks being broadcast and the channels being applied. Not with standing interference from adjacent networks.

I originally went the power line solution (TP-Link) which gives good wired connections around the house but needs to broadcast individual wireless networks. A way around this is to name all the wireless networks the same name, password and channel (you will need to find the less used channel and set it as most people leave theirs on auto select). Devices then will connect to the strongest signal. The only problem is you do get drop out and reconnection as you move around. Not the best solution (nor recommended by manufactures) but it does work.

By the sound of it you will need more than one Disk to set up an effective Mesh network (3 is the average). As you have done wire the first disk from the router then find the best location for the other disks. You will only need to then broadcast one wireless network. If you still have black holes you can slip in an extender (cheaper than another disk) to help with that specific area.

I have installed three disks and over all have good coverage (with excellent on the wired disk) might need a 4 disk at some stage. The Mesh solution is better than the multi network.

 Hope that helps


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Re: Whole Home Setup

Cheers, Paul

I actually find the SuperHub really good.  It's in a closed cupboard under the TV and the speed when close is around 220mbps over Wifi on my phone and laptop.  It's the range that suffers.  Connecting to the Nighthawk router or the BT Whole Home is slower but it's a tiny difference.  I just tested and got 205 with a disk that's sat about 3 metres away.

The main reason for putting the Nighthawk in was to get QoS.  2 gamers in the house and when they're online we know it if we're streaming on the TV.  So, I've got my Nighhawk set so that the TV gets the highest priority and the consoles get what's left.  But it's a lots slower than the Virgin.

I think I'm going to get another couple of disks.  I got 2 to start with just to see how they worked.  It actually works out cheaper to buy 2 lots of 2 compared with a 3 pack and a single disk.  4 in total would be perfect for my house.  Once I've got that then I'll probably just switch off the WiFi on the Nighthawk.


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