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Re: Whole Home WiFi firmware update v1.02.04 build10

@Dean007 - thank you for supporting what I had to say.

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Re: Whole Home WiFi firmware update v1.02.04 build10

What you're really saying make the most of a bad situation!
4/5 months we've been waiting for a firmware fix, we really don't need to hear in other words put up and shut up.
I appreciate what you're saying about running a basic setup but it comes over very condescending.
This firmware has serious issues and a fix is long over due. FACT!

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Re: Whole Home WiFi firmware update v1.02.04 build10


Nobody is saying that a problem does not exsist, nor are they saying it should be ignored or not treated urgently what people are trying to offer here is a solution until such time it is fixed. BT are aware of the issue and trying to resolve the issue, would you rather a half baked firmware patch that could cause further problems or investigate and resolve the issue correctly? 

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Re: Whole Home WiFi firmware update v1.02.04 build10

An Experiment


Large house, much thick stone walling.  3 disc system, bought as a set, and was arranged as follows;

  1. Primary disc on south landing, cabled to router (BT HH5)
  2. Secondary disc in drawing room WiFi connected to Primary.  5GHz backhaul at approx -75 dBm
  3. Secondary disc in kitchen loft  WiFi connected to Primary. 5GHz backhaul at approx -66 dBm


The Primary (and anything connected to it) seems to work fine.

The Secondary in the drawing room is not much used, but also seems to have been trouble free as far as I have seen.

The Secondary in the kitchen loft is used a lot and has been very troublesome, with WiFi seeming to remain connected , but the internet being very intermittant - especially on my MacBook Air, which has had LOTS disassociations and reassociations for reasons 1, 7, 8 usually.  It is OK for a period after a reset, but gets pooer with time.  iOS devises seem much better and all devices show a good (approx -65 dBm) signal strength to the disc.


I have relocated the kitchen loft disc down into the kitchen - on top of the wall units.  This has had two effects;

  1. The backhaul for this disc has to go through more thick stone wall and has 'moved itself' to 2.4GHz and comes in at -67 dBm.
  2. The signal strength to devices is now very srong at approx -50 dBm

All good so far, but it has only been on a short time - and I would not expect problems yet.


The kitchen loft, whilst very convenient, has a LOT of copper pipes, wires, foil insulation inder the sloping roof, areial distribution, LED lighting 'transformers' and is probably a very challenging RF environment (I was an RF engineer in a previous existance).



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Re: Whole Home WiFi firmware update v1.02.04 build10

The question is, as we know the firmware is broken, why haven’t they simply rolled it back to the last working version? They could have done that straight away and avoided all this anger.
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Re: Whole Home WiFi firmware update v1.02.04 build10


I think one of the answers to that maybe the fact not all users are affected by the issue, Netgears Orbi had a simillar issue  ~(and still does) and they allowed it to be rolled back. The problem with that is, how do you go forward without finding and correcting the fault? If the issue affected every user I could see the point of rolling back, but personally I think that just moves the issues not resolve it.. and what happens in further updates?

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Re: Whole Home WiFi firmware update v1.02.04 build10

Well I’ve given up. Two crashes in two days for my 3 disk system bought from amazon in January. Rang them and they asked me to return it for a full refund. It’s a shame because it looked good before this update and if BT had pulled their finger out and fixed it sooner I’d have been happy. I’ve ordered a 3 disk TP-link system which arrives tomorrow, let’s home it is more stable. 



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Re: Whole Home WiFi firmware update v1.02.04 build10

Just a thought about what someone, (maybe @t was @Jim-lad) said about setting the system up absolutely according to the instructions given in that broken little android app (broken because for me, half the time it said it couldn't find the BTWHW system.)  If I remember rightly (why couldn't they provide a paper version?) the setup procedure was to connect the disk that was to be the primary to the internet router with the ethernet cable, turn it on and wait for a solid blue light. Any subsequent disk to be added should also be initially phyiscally connected by ethernet to the SAME router that the primary was connected before moving it to it's intended location. The app should then give you some indication as to the signal strength and you'd make a decision about moving it or not.

It would be interesting to know how many of those who are on here having problems, followed this procedure (if I have it right) to the letter.

I of course didn't!  Being the sort that rarely reads instructions and active in the IT field for many years, I decided that since I was going to connect the second disk via another switch in it's intended location to give ethernet backhaul, why not just directly plug in to that switch since that was cat5 connected back to the internet router. It seemed to work OK, the app showed the new topology which was as expected and there seemed to be seamless wifi coverage between the two sites. Dangerously emboldened, I took the 3rd disc to it's intended site, and just plugged it in and switched it on. It went through it's colour changes, turned a solid blue and the app said all was hunky dory, reporting a good connection at 5Ghz for the third disc and again apparent seamless wifi between sites.  All was well for several hours before the sort of problems detailed here began.

I can't test now whether resetting to factory default and going through the procedure again but by the book this time would help as I have sent my discs back.  However, I suppose the discs could be calculating some form of metrics for the handoff, steering and mesh setup that was screwed by introducing additional switching hops in the network.

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Re: Whole Home WiFi firmware update v1.02.04 build10

Hi GeeDoc,

Good question.

In my initial 3 disc box I am pretty sure there was a folded instruction leaflet which I used ( and one available on the product help web pages)..later I added another 2 discs  then a month or so later another single disc to cover outside, again all followed the recommended process as it was fairly straightforward for once.

However following instructions on set up and adding discs didn't help me once Build10 arrived though.

Currently using x6 replacement discs supplied by BT with the previous build on as ( and again installed following the recommended procedure. After 2 weeks it had been sorting itself out and working OK, with primary changing as it sees fit with just a couple of 'loss of internets' noticed but left it alone and it came back within minute or so - aside from two instances of finding the HH5 having a few reboots on its own one evening and rare instance with one of the BT 1000 extenders used for backhaul losing its connection on ethernet and had to power off and each case followed the steps often mentioned on these pages, restarted each disc starting with one connected to router (but not needing to connect each disc to router just switching them back on one by one plus restarting the HH5 and all workng fine again ( and still checking update switched off to stay on the old build).

Generally old build for me is better than the Build10 because only needing to action once a week rather than two or three times a day, though I admit to be much more aware of how the Whole Home is behaving than before Build 10 arrived and when you just assumed it was working OK all the time.

So I don't think Build 10 issue or issues, at least from my experience, generated by not following the official instructions to the letter.



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Re: Whole Home WiFi firmware update v1.02.04 build10

@Chris101Ah yes, I'd forgotten that the update borked already working systems.