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Whole Home Wifi: Firmware issues

I spent quite a while singing the praises of the BT Whole Home Wifi with the exception of the lack of guest wifi which most other mesh systems are able to accommodate.


Since the latest firmware update v1.02.03 build03 things are very different and the usual BT unreliability has started to creep in.


Here are the current problems I am experiencing which no doubt others are experiencing similar


1) My Harmony Hub will connect to the WHWifi, but it cant reach the internet. This seems to prevent my iPhone app being able to control my devices connected to the harmony hub.


2) Blank screens on the web:

  • The Status / Overiew page is often blank
  • Devices screen is often blank
  • Settings / internet is often blank
  • System information screen is often blank


2) The Discs reboot randomly (individually, not as a whole network at the same time) None of them seem to stay up more than 2 or 3 days without rebooting themselves.


All of my discs have an ethernet backhaul so wireless backhaul problems are excluded.


Hoping that DanO or Oxlade1 might have a firmware update in the pipeline or be in the know as to how long me may have to wait for some fixes.


On the plus side - guest wifi seems to be working well - and did my guests proud over the Christmas period 🙂


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