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Whole Home Wifi - Linking To Other Discs



I have three discs in my setup, the main one is plugged in near the router at the front of the house.  The other two are currently in the living room and bedroom at the back of the house.


I have a home office that is a bit futher in my back garden, when I move one of the discs in there it tells me that it is too far from the main disc.  Is there a way to get the discs to connect inline rather than having to connect back to the main disc?


As in if D1 is my main disc, could D3 connect to D2 for its connection rather than having to go to D1?


I have searched the forums and cannot find the answer.


Also emailed BT support but had nothing back so far.  Hope someone has done this and can tell me what setting needs changing.

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Re: Whole Home Wifi - Linking To Other Discs

Yes. Power them on in the sequence you’d like them to connect. It should pick up the strongest signal like that vs. The one that is available at the time.
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Re: Whole Home Wifi - Linking To Other Discs

Maybe the firmware has updated since I tried.  i will give it a go again tonight.


Many thanks for the reply

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Re: Whole Home Wifi - Linking To Other Discs

The problem with mesh systems is you have no control over which access point/disc you are connecting your device to. It all depends which access point/disc responds first to your device's transmission. This in my opinion leads to a very irratic and inconsistent connection, and could account for a lof of user's experiences of drop outs/dips in speed etc. A google/youtube search will give you a lot more detail on the matter etc.

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Re: Whole Home Wifi - Linking To Other Discs

@dgw1. The idea of mesh WiFI systems is that the access points have a single control plane over which they all communicate and by which they're able to determine the best AP to which a client should connect.

Can you post specific examples of where this doesn't work as most posts here seem to show the Whole Home WiFi working well.
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