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Whole Home Wifi MAC Addresses


We have experienced some odd behaviour on our network when plugging in the WHW (standard discs) via ethernet. Having logged into the web admin panel, I note that each disc has 3 MAC addresses which are identical save for the last two digits:


I tend to reserve IP addresses to make things easy to track (we have a lot of permanently connected devices via ethernet). My router always seems to show the 2.4ghz Wifi MAC Address in the ARP table so this is the one I have 'reserved/fixed' for each disc so that they always stick with the same LAN IP address.

However plugging the discs in via ethernet sometimes brings down parts of the network and I am wondering whether it is something to do with how the router is identifying the discs on the network via the MAC address.

So, does plugging in via ethernet give any real advantage (it always shows 'Excellent Signal') and should I be reserving the ethernet MAC address for the fixed LAN IP addresses?

I hope all that makes sense!

Thanks 👍

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BT Devices Expert
BT Devices Expert
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Re: Whole Home Wifi MAC Addresses

Hi SportiveUK,

With BT Whole Home Wifi, the discs always use the MAC listed as the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi MAC for DHCP traffic as this is the host address. But they will use the MAC of the actual interface for traffic (e.g. Ethernet if connected by Ethernet).

However – WHW discs work in bridge mode so it doesn’t matter what IP address they have, in terms of passing traffic, which doesn’t explain why it is bringing down parts of the network in your case.

Can we request that you speak with the helpdesk so they can find out more about the devices connected to discs when the network is brought down?


Hopefully they will be able to identify what the issue is once they find out what devices you have connected at the time.