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Whole Home Wifi drops facetime when roaming

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Very pleased with WHWF in general. It has solved pretty much all the wifi issues in an old house with internal brick walls and a congested wifi neighbourhood.


Only one issue with it - the seamless roaming between discs does not seem to work entirely well.  It does transition devices from one disc to another fairly well (all devices have a decent signal all the time i.e. no 'sticky client' issues), but...


When making a facetime call, when the apple device roams from one disc to another it drops the call.  Reading reviews etc. elsewhere people are reporting that this doesn't happen, that a live facetime call is not dropped when roaming from disc to disc. Yet here it does.


Anyone else have experience of facetime on WHWF, does it drop your calls or are they all fine?  Did it used to drop them but you fixed it somehow? Any ideas?

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Re: Whole Home Wifi drops facetime when roaming

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Hi - facetime calls should not drop when moving between discs.


It may be something minor about your setup that's causing it to happen?


Which device are you facetiming from (and iOS version)?

Which firmware version are your Whole Home discs running?

Did you install all the discs with the app and are they showing as good/excellent connection?

Have you tried factory resetting your router - this can help ensure the networking is working correctly after installing Whole Home Wi-Fi?




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Re: Whole Home Wifi drops facetime when roaming

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Hi, thanks for the reply, I think you might be onto something!


iPad iOS version 10.2

WHWF version 1.02.01 build 24

I'll get more detail on which discs have the issue, all or some, and if an iPhone works but an iPad doesn't etc.


Setup is:


Disc1 (master) wired to (10/100 switch onboard) router.


Disc2 positioned using app, non-wired, using 5GHz backhaul to Disc1, signal strength -67, indicates on the Android app as 'Good position but could move further from router for better range', and on the iOS app as 'Good position but could move closer to router for better range'.


Disc3 wired to gigabit switch wired to (10/100 switch onboard) router. The app was not used to position this Disc (perhaps this is the problem) as I knew the 2.4GHz range would overlap Disc2 comfortably, although the 5GHz ranges do not overlap. The disc was positioned to take advantage of the wired backhaul.


The discs are physically located more or less in a line topology, Disc1 -- Disc2 -- Disc3.  Disc3 is out of range Disc1.


Looking at the WHWF logs for non-facetime transitions with an iPad, it looks as though the client roams from Disc2 to 3 when moving from zone2 to 3, OWL encourages the client to transition to 2.4GHz from 5GHz on Disc2 about a minute later which then times out (because it has all ready left Disc2 and got a nice 5GHz signal on Disc3). Same heading in the other direction.


I'll try 'Relocating' Disc3 with the app and see what happens.





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Re: Whole Home Wifi drops facetime when roaming

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It turns out you were right @Oxlade1, many thanks, I'll mark you as the accepted solution!


There was no difference between iPad and iPhone.

Roaming between Disc1 and Disc2 was seamless.

Problems only occurred when (facetime) roaming to Disc3.


Disc3 relocated with the app (it could not now be wired), and problem solved. Facetime will now roam seamlessly.
I thought relocating the discs would introduce dead spots, but in fact WHWF still covers everywhere, I'm impressed.


However... (there's always a however), a new problem was introduced.


Some devices (2 IP cameras) refused to connect - the WHWF log showed "occurred MIC different in Key Handshaking" for these MAC addresses. I tried to fix this from the camera end but could not.


So I reset the password for the network on the WHWF, restarted it, reset it back, restarted, and now everything gets this error and nothing can connect, oh dear.

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Re: Whole Home Wifi drops facetime when roaming

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Solved this problem by changing both SSID and password to something new - now all devices connect just fine. Not sure what happened here, the IP camera wouldn't connect to a separate AP with the previous SSID/password either. That AP was reporting a problem with the PSK too, even though they matched at both ends.


Anyway, all working seamlessly now.

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