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Whole Home Wifi master disk failure

The master Whole Home WIfi disc in my setup has broken. Even a factory reset failed to fix it. So I need to check a few things before I order a replacement.

1. As it is the master disc, and I just have 1 satellite disk, I guess the satellite disc could become the master in preparation and then I could order a secondary disc. That just means that I can guarantee the name and password remain the same before I get a new disk. Does that seem sensible?

2. Also, my disks were purchased in 2020 as a twin set with the code D543. Any issues with connecting the latest version of disc to the 2020 version?

3. I see that most BT broadband devices have a 3 year warranty. I have the order and invoice for this pack from April 2020 but there is no mention of a warranty. By any chance, does anyone know of whether I could claim on a warranty for this from BT and whether there is a simple process to do this (in my experience, the chat usually results in no one available for types of query)?

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