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Whole Home download speed drop-off

I have a three disc set-up which worked reasonably well with my Sky broadband router until recently when my Sky service was upgraded from around 35 to 75Mbs at the router.  I have taken speed tests at my three discs today and they read: 73.6, 41.8 and 21.6  All three discs are showing blue LEDs and the app says all are working 'excellently'.  Interestingly the upload speeds are constant at between 18 and 19Mbs on all three discs.

Help please.  I rang BTs help team and they suggested I reboot each disc by connecting it to my router, this I did and it made no difference at all...

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BT Devices Expert
BT Devices Expert
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Re: Whole Home download speed drop-off

Hi @antsss, what's your disc layout? On the app, are they all showing direct connection to the first disc, or are any of them showing daisy-chained (eg disc 3 linked to disc 2).

Daisy-chain will allow longer range, but throughput can go down through each hop which could explain this.

If your layout has no daisy-chain, you could try rearranging your slower disc. Due to random wireless environment nd interference, sometimes only a small repositioning can help speed, so have a try.

Hope this helps.

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