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Whole home WiFi setup - light stuck on purple!

Hello all! Hope someone can help 🙂
We bought a whole home WiFi triple pack this afternoon and we’re super excited to get it set up and working... but we’re massively disappointed as we cannot get the light to go blue! We have a purple light flashing at random intervals. What are we doing wrong!?
Please help!
Thanks in advance 🙂
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BT Devices Expert
BT Devices Expert
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Re: Whole home WiFi setup - light stuck on purple!

Hi, flashing purple light usually means that a software upgrade is in progress. It should turn blue within 30min (it would usually take a lot less than that) , during which time you should not interfere with it.
If it's still not working now, then I suggest the following:
- switch off all your discs
- now switch on the disc plugged into your hub/router, and wait until its light go solid blue. It may take a little while and you may see different light sequences. Please be patient.
- if that disc doesn't turn solid blue within 30min, then reset it to factory defaults (press pinhole button the back whilst disc is on and plugged into your router) and try again the steps above
- if that still doesn't work, then there's a problem somewhere which i cant diagnose here. Contact the helpdesk on monday

- once your first disc is blue, then you can install your other discs one by one

Hope this helps. Let us know.
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