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Whole home disc constantly failing

I have had a 3 disc whole home Wi-fi system

for a year now.  Generally it works well.  However I have one disc which regularly (probably once a month) just fails.  It comes up on the app as not connected -red - but the disc light is blue.  Nothing can connect to it.

I normally have to reset the whole system as just resetting (power on/off) this one device often upsets the others.  I did a full factory reset about 4-6 months ago for the full system as it was getting worse.  It settled down a bit afterwards but now is constantly failing.

I have check firmware through the app and it says they are up to date.

when connected this disc says it has good connectivity.  But random fails getting more frequent.  Any suggestions what i should do?  I would expect this once set up to just work.

I also notice that if I pause a device or set a setting like bed time for a device using the network it often triggers a disc failure fairly soon afterward.

it is disappointing as the mesh network is great when working but starting to feel very unreliable.  

thanks in advance for help.

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