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Whole home wifi discs single disc

HI I have tried to setup the bt discs and its now showing in the control panel of the router I followed the steps

I only have one disc as a standard 3 bedroom house


1 Connected the network cable to the back of the disc
2 Pressed the WPS button and wated till turned the red.
3 It was detected in the app as you see below its showing in the app but when i move it up stairs away and unplug the ethernet cable it says no longer connected.

4 I also followed the guide on this site about resetting it using a pin and that got me to the point below it appearing in the control panel of the router software but now not saying connected.


5 When I search for the name of the disc in my wifi settings i dont see it should i not be seeing a UpStairs in my wifi


This is the disc type I have there is no network name or password on the back of it. I am not sure if that means it counts as whole home does it ?

image0 (3).jpeg




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Re: Whole home wifi discs single disc

Hi @david39ni thanks for posting and sorry about the delay getting back to you. You've got a complete wifi disc and not a whole home disc so I'd recommend using the MyBT app to set it up.  


The best way to connect your Hub and Wi-Fi discs is to follow the instructions on the My BT app. On the home screen, select MoreYour wi-fi network and then Set up new disc. This will guide you through the set-up and suggest the best location for your disc.

Alternatively, follow the steps below to connect using an ethernet cable

  1. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into a yellow port on the back of the Hub and the other end into the yellow port on the disc
  2. The light on the Wi-Fi disc will start flashing blue and will turn solid blue after a couple of minutes
  3. You can now unplug the cable. The light will change to flashing red, but will go back to solid blue after a few seconds
  4. Unplug the disc from the mains and plug it in at the preferred location
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