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Whole home wifi one disk won't join

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I'm having trouble with on of my wifi discs. It seems to have become I associated with the rest of the network. It is wired to the network.

Two of the three discs behave fine but the last one joins but not properly. The app shows the third disc with nothing connected. But it is impossible to connect to it. It also insists on giving out its in built SSID rather than changing to the SSID I have chosen. It seems to be operating independently as an access point of its own.

A look in all three logs shows :

OWL-Sync config failed for Found a configured RE with different group id connects to current group

I have factory reset his rogue disc a couple of times but it's not playing ball.

Any ideas anyone?

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Re: Whole home wifi one disk won't join

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Ok, I solved it myself in the end. Just for people's benefit i've listed the steps to rectify this problem.


1) Switched off all discs

2) Switched on the primary disc (the one connected by ethernet cable to the router) and waited for the solid blue light. 

3) Held the reset button for 10 seconds and then allow device to reboot back to a steady blue light

4) On my iPhone, connect to the default SSID now being broadcast by the disc (BT*) using the credentials on the slide out plate on the back of the disc

5) Use the app to add the disc.

6) Power on a second disc and repeat step 3 and 5

7) Power on the third disc and repeat step 3 and 5.

😎 Finally, rename the SSID (network name) on the App.


All discs should all be back in sync now with the same SSID.


Hope that helps someone..

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Re: Whole home wifi one disk won't join

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Cool, thanks for sharing. It'll likely help someone down the line.

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