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Whole home wifi question regarding MAC addresses.

Evening everybody, I trust you all had a lovely Christmas and new year, shame it's now all back to go go go with everyday life again.

I have a question for you all regarding the whole home wifi set up, I'm running a 6 disc set up which I've set with a static IP address via the PC interface and all is good, however I see lots of Mac addresses in my router block list that are very similar to whole home addresses, but not exactly the same?

Looking at the discs info I see there is 3 Macs listed per disc, Ethernet / 2.4ghz / 5ghz and they all match apart from the last 2 digits... However I have Macs in my blocked list that are the same as the disc Mac but with the first 2 digits different?? I don't want to just allow them without knowing if they are something to do with my system or not.

This is an example: My bedroom disc
Ethernet: 94:6A:36:64:05:7A
2.4ghz: 94:6A:36:64:05:78
5.ghz: 94:6A:36:64:05:79

Yet on the router I get repeated attempts to get a DHCP address from 92:6A:36:64:05:78 and also 92:6A:36:64:05:79 is this an unpublicised Mac from the whole home disc?

What do you tech experts think.

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Re: Whole home wifi question regarding MAC addresses.

I don't know the specific of those MAC addresses (they don't look-up to any known vendors on MAC-lookup), but if everything in your network works fine even though those addresses are blocked, then leave them blocked as they are. 

If you find something's not working, then unblock them and see if that resolves the problem (and if not block them back).

If it ain't broken don't fix it 😉

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Re: Whole home wifi question regarding MAC addresses.

The addresses are too close to be a coincidence, so I assume the Macs listed on the device page are client connection related but these could be related to the back haul from disc to disc... Documentation about the technical side of these things is very poor.
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