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WholeHome Wi-Fi pre-purchase questions

I'm considering purchasing the 3-pack, and have a few questions.  Appreciate any answers or help you can give;

I have run some Cat5E cable from the router to the back of the house where my home office is, my devices are connected via cable to a GigE switch in the office, the office switch is uplinked from the SmartHub by the Cat5E.  My phone gets a very weak signal from the SmartHub.  I installed a Devolo PowerLine Wi-Fi AP to provide Wi-Fi in the back of the house, however the switching from one AP to the other is unreliable, hence looking at a Mesh setup.

* Do the "extension discs" have to see the disc that is connected to the hub, or can they daisy chain? In other words the hub has Disc 1 connected via a cable and Disc 2 connects to Disk 1 via WiFi, then does Disc 3 have to connect back to Disc 1, or can it connect to Disc 2.

*  Can you connect multiple Discs back to the router via a cabled connection..?  Could I connect a disc to my GigE switch in the office, and connect another disc to the router as I fear the signal strength would not be strong enough for the disc in the office to reach the disk at the hub via WiFi.

* Can you connect the disc to the router via a swich [that isn't the one in the back of the router] or does the connection need to be directly in the back of the router?  The router is downstairs at the "front left" corner of the house.  My office is upstairs at the "back right" corner.  Between the 2 is an earthed hot water cylinder, hence the weak signal, in fact I'm actually amazed it works at all.  If I were to connect the "hub disc" to the switch behind the TV, mid-way down the house, then the WiFi signal would radiate to a disc in the office and another disc downstairs which covers all eventualities.  Assuming I can't back haul over ethernet....

Any help, thoughts gratefully received.  Thanks.

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Re: WholeHome Wi-Fi pre-purchase questions

disc to the router via a switch = yes

Provide a graph/drawing of your setup would simplify things

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Re: WholeHome Wi-Fi pre-purchase questions

I have 3 discs - all use ethernet back haul. They don't need to see each other over WiFi if they are out of range, but you may want to place your 3 discs to give seamless coverage if possible purely for convenience of use.

None of my discs are connected directly to the router - 2 are via one downstream switch, the other 1 is via another. As long as they are all on the same network subnet they should work just fine. Its better if your switches support IGMP snooping, especially if you have BT TV, but otherwise I've had no problems.

There is a lot of noise about the most recent firmware which has caused a few issues, but generally my experience has been that the system just works and never gives any trouble - I'm not on the latest firmware. I think it works best if all discs are ethernet as a number of the reported issues seem to be dropping the backhaul connection over WiFi.

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