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Wholehome WiFi; binding IP address to Mac

Hello fellow users,
I recently invested in a 3 disc whole home system that is doing a not-bad job of scattering our Fibre to the house connection around the place.
I invested in this particular system for a number of reasons; one because I thought there’d be decent synergy between these discs and all the standard other BT stuff that forms the ‘network’ but also because of the supposed usability of the app for device pausing/grouping etc.
Like, I’m guessing, many of you I have a new mover of teens in the house that cannot self-administer in respect of break times from online and will happily stay up past midnight online. So, setting up a weekday curfew for the boys’ devices seemed like a perfect idea - come 10 o’clock they would be sent back to the dark ages!!
However, I’ve found this pretty impossible to do, because the system id’s the connected hardware via an IP address and not the MAC address. Meaning each time the IP address changes, the whole home system has no idea what’s connected and what isn’t.
So, the only way I can pause their stuff is to pause the whole network, which I don’t want to keep doing.

Has anyone found a workaround for this?
Unless I’m being a total **bleep**, it seems to me that the biggest selling point of the thing (beyond increased WiFi range) is less than useless.

Running v1.02.05 build 10 if that makes any diff.

Thannks, Si
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BT Devices Expert
BT Devices Expert
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Re: Wholehome WiFi; binding IP address to Mac

Hi @S11eps, we can assure you that the access control isn't tied to the IP address - that would indeed by silly 🙂

What you're seeing is the side-effect of a bug in the device list management. There were some improvements in the last firmware (the one you have), but one issue is still outstanding as reported by some of you.

The next firmware due imminently should resolve this issue once and for all and then access control should work as expected. An announcement will come on this forum when the new firmware is available (or you'll see in your App).

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

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Re: Wholehome WiFi; binding IP address to Mac


Thanks very much for the reply. I will be over the moon when this starts working as I always hoped it would! I've reset the device list/groups etc. in preparation for starting again once that impending firmware update lands.
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