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Wifi Extender 610- After factory reset not working.


I was having an issue with two extenders so I done the factory reset with both and I decided to remove the device from the routher using the BT smart Hub Manager. This has now made both devices unstartable. As one when I manually connect the extender to my laptop to connect the extender to the router it doesn't even state that it is connected to the laptop and has no connection. Also when I try and connect it manually using method 2 without the WPS button (due to the fact that it never worked with the extender) after trying to connect it states "Connection not established. Wireless key not recognised.", even though it is correct!.

I am really struggling to grasp how this has happened as I would've expected it would've worked and th device would've been connected to the router as shown in the BT smart Hub Manager.

Is this due to the fact that I removed the device from the hub?


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