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Wireless hotspot 500 firmware update


I have just downloaded the firmware update "Hotspot500_V2.6.4 (3).img" from the BT product page.


I applied the update using  the BT device configuration app which informed that the update was successful and the unit was rebooting.....  except it never did.


the unit is now continually trying to reboot and getting nowhere.  I cannot access it now with device configuration tool as it is failing to reboot ( the data light never comes on ).  I now do not have a working network.


can someone please tell me how to fix this problem. either go back to the previous version of firmware or solve the boot problem.


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Re: Wireless hotspot 500 firmware update

Factory reset

I updated my home wifi software  would not let me access it


Once  resest use the default admin password to access change it and checked firmware has updated

should be after that mine did

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Re: Wireless hotspot 500 firmware update

unfortunately factory reset does not solve the problem.   the hotspot 500 is not booting up and factory reset does not do anything.


the box is continmually trying to boot....   power light is on  ..  after short time wireless light comes on .. but data light remains off and eventually all the lights go off and it starts the cycle again.



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Re: Wireless hotspot 500 firmware update

I've hit the same problem as the OP so resurrected this thread in case a solution has come to light since.

Downloaded the firmware update "Hotspot500_V2.6.4 (3).img" from BT.

Applied the update using BT Device Configuration on a Windows10 PC.  I'd unchecked the 'clear settings' box so as to keep my previously configured settings.

Got message that update was successful and the unit was rebooting..... except it never did successfully.

Hotspot cycles round combinations of 'power' & 'wireless' lights (never 'data' light) as if constantly rebooting.

So I can't link to it again via the Device Configuration tool over the network to retry.

Should it be notionally possible to access it to try again via an Ethernet port?

Or is it now bricked? ... which'd be, er, a shame after using BT firmware download using BT tool to BT product.

(NB. If anyone is ever tempted to try this upgrade hereon then I can only suggest allowing the tool to clear your settings rather than try to keep them and hope that makes a difference).

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Re: Wireless hotspot 500 firmware update

Did anyone ever manage to get this to work? My 500 now appears to be bricked too...

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Re: Wireless hotspot 500 firmware update

Looks as tho no-one's resolved it.

In my case my first hotspot had failed so I bought a replacement kit. I thought I'd install the firmware update to the replacement before putting it in to long term use at which point I (BT) bricked it. So in my case at least I ended up with 2 of the Broadband Externder Flex (router end) plugs that I could use together. Means I lost the wifi hotspot of course, but at least it saved the ethernet link to the TV without yet more cost.

Just came back to add this in case it helped anyone who didn't realise you could use two Broadband Externder Flex plugs in tandem.


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BT Devices Expert
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Re: Wireless hotspot 500 firmware update

Hi everybody on this thread,

The instructions for upgrading a Home Hotspot 500 are here:

I notice that most of you appear to have used the BT Configuration Tool; which isn't meant to be used with the Hotstpo 500. Please let us know if you saw any instructions somewhere that guided you to use this tool, because they're incorrect and we'll need to change.

If your device appears "bricked", first do a factory reset, then use pair them again to your network using the Link button.

After that, use the instructions on the link above to upgrade the software.

Hope this helps, but please let us know.

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