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Youview Box Return

Just had an extremely difficult and incredibly poor interaction with BT. 

Rang up to cancel BT TV and after a wait was told it would be cancelled in 30 days, oh and just to let you know we'll send a jiffy bag to return the Youview box. It was a long call and a long waiting time so I was like "oh ok..."

Then did a bit more research and saw that this was only for devices sent out after Dec2019. Rang back. 

Was told I had to return box or I'd be charged (£65 I think). I said I wanted to keep it to continue watching Freeview. They said my TV would do that, and I said it doesn't record so that wasn't an option for me. This went round in circles for a while until I was passed to a supervisor. 

Callum told me I had to return the equipment or I'd be charged. I asked to note a complaint as it didn't seem right having had the box since 2015. He did so and then immediately closed it off for being unreasonable. Said I'd get a letter within 21 days. I asked if this would be a response to my complaint but he said the complaint was closed off so it was just a standard letter informing me of the non-returnable charges.

I asked what his role was - and it was "Product Specialist". I asked for a "Team Leader" as I felt my complaint was not resolved. He then said he was one so I asked for a Manager and he declined saying the complaint was without merit and without basis. 

A generally extremely dissatisfying and disappointing interaction which has left me angry and confused about my position. 


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Re: Youview Box Return

the return bag is standard to enable recycling but if you had box since 2015 then it's yours and keep it

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Re: Youview Box Return

That is indeed my understanding, but a 30 minute argument with Callum suggests otherwise. It was a really tough call and he was implying I was an idiot. He refused to engage, said my complaint was baseless and told me I WOULD be charged if I didn't return the box. Alongside all of that he closed off the complaint and refused to let me speak to a manager. 

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