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home hub 6 is the worst router ever!! lmao

So i've got bt fibre (it's actually stable, unlike plusnet that dropped every 5 - 10 minutes even though no fault was found by about 11 engineers).

It's great! I have working internet! Now i wan't to check my dhcp leases in the HH6... I set one device to use a .75 ipv4 address, and it won't save those changes - I change a different device to .75 and hey presto, the lease is changed!! <-- user error?? ok I'll check what address my roku was given - that is .72 , only my HH6 tell's me the address is .80 but the roku was .72 after configuring the connection a second time.

This HH6 is buggier than plusnet's rebranded HH5!

So BT, how do I manually configure leases in the HH6?

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Re: home hub 6 is the worst router ever!! lmao

I've had problems with the Hhub6 for the past few months, re: DNS issues and not getting internet access. Today, BT finally admitted there is a problem with the Hhub6 firmware. It was possible to ping but not be able to reach a server for proper internet access. The answer was to configure each device manually with an ip address and use the Google DNS at

After the 5th Hhub6 arrived today (internet still working as I write) I'm getting a bit p1$$ed off with BT customer service who recommend a Hhub5 but don't seem to be able to get one to me!

The Hhub6 issue must be costing BT a fortune - oh for a decent router from a reputable manufacturer.

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Re: home hub 6 is the worst router ever!! lmao

Most ISP supplied router are not that good, even a cheap third party router seems to perform better, mine does.

Most of the settings on the BT home  hubs are locked down.

You cannot manually configure leases on any of the home hubs

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