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now i have decent speed....

Looks like the speed issue has been fixed across the area as we are now all relatively stable. 

However, I have a homehub and a single disc. the home hub woks great in the room its in, and slightly beyond. But i have an office set up in a room, at the other end of the house. as the crow flies probably 40 feet. Aware there are walls etc in the way.

So i set up the disc one room away (25 feet) and it picks up the signal from the hub just fine. But doesnt seem to do anything to connectivity in the den, (2 pcs and android gettign much slower speeds). M

So i moved the disc maybe 8 feet towards the den. and it goes solid orange. Im also aware bt have been told to stop advertising the discs at present as there is no proof they help signal. 

so in essence can i do anything with this disc to actually extend the full wireless range? bt android app says its a good place


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Re: now i have decent speed....

If you're on a complete wifi package get in touch for another disc as you can get up to 3

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