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10 day installation service level really really bad

I got upgraded to fibre optic last wednesday and the engineer said service would be spotty for 10 days. In fact it's been down completely more than it's been up so far. 


Also on the few occasions it's actually working the upload speed is around 6meg which has been way more than the avg dl speed of ~2meg so far.


Is this really normal? 

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Re: 10 day installation service level really really bad

Hi Luckysh0t,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I can look into this for you. Drop me an email with the details. You’ll find the “contact us” form in the about me section of my profile.





Community ModeratorDaveM
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Re: 30 day installation service level really really bad

Hi Moderator,


Please help - BT Infinity installed 4 weeks ago and I have had nothing but problems - slow wireless speed, no connection, intermittant broadboard. Been on to the technical support every day.  Engineer came out changed the hub and openreach (you dont see that on the adverts) worked fine for about 1 day, following day same events. Rang technical support they told me it must be my drivers - upgraded all my drivers at a cost of 48.77 still got the same problems. Then they said it must be the hub and would send me a new one waited no hub came so chased. Found out they had sent it to an obsolete address that I lived at over 3 years ago, despite they asked me to verify my address.   Another enginner came out told me it was my hardrive wireless interface? decided to buy a new computer today to ensure all drivers and interfaces and everything else were all current. I hope you will appreciate my dissapointment that the speed tester was still extremely low and system is very slow.  Just spoke with technical support and they have said 'it must be my computer' tried on several occasions to tell him it was brand new how could it possibly be the computer.


Tried speaking with customer support and was passed from them to billing, billing to technical and then back to customer support (3 hours on the phone being passed from pillar to post)  I have been with Bt for 30 years, always been very loyal when everyone else were changing suppliers, but I have to say in the last 4 weeks they have not shown any loyality in return.


I do not know where to go from here - technical support have now said that they have tested everything and are closing this file without a resolution.




I would gladly cancel my contract with BT but customer support was quick to say I would be charged 163.40 after only 1 month diabolical service?


Any help or assistance you can give I would be so grateful


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Re: 30 day installation service level really really bad

ferrito, you know drivers are free to update, download and install. If you are having wireless interference problems, then a new computer wont help as the interference will still be there slowing your connections down. You need to connect with a cable then test your speed using the bt speedtester and see what your ip profile is set at. 

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