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14 days and still unresolved problem on Business line

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I have a business phone line and unlimited fibre BB with static IP.
For some reason I was getting two bills, under different account numbers.  After talking to a "migration team" they said they would migrate my phone line to the broadband account - taking a day or so, with no disconnection and no other changes.
Two days later I lost Internet - phoned up to be told someone had made a mistake and a new order would have to be made, but couldn't until the old one had been closed - another two days
A further three days later internet connected - but dynamic not static.  I phoned and was told someone made a mistake so the line would have to be cancelled and a new order started - again another two days.
Three days later (now) I have just called again - to be told that the new order would be finished "ASAP" asnd not to worry.  However the details of the new order include a dynamic IP again.

After 14 days with lost company connectivity - is there any way to make contact with someone that can actually help to resolve the problem? I need the (same) static IP back again as it is used for limited access to many different servers.

Any suggestions / help appreciated.


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Re: 14 days and still unresolved problem on Business line

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this is a forum for residential customers  as a business customer you need to post here

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