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5 days in, and 8mbs download speed

I live on a country lane in semi rural N wales - but not ' in the sticks'..., 1.5 miles from main exchange and 300  yds from the green infinity box. 6 houses on our lane leading to the green box.

signed up to infinity with estimated 24mb download speed for my phone and post code.

On day of installation  by BT -I got 7MBS,, has not really altered from that - no matter what time of day or night I try.

BT speed test site statyes my exchange to infinity box speed is 11mbs - so my home speed wil never exceed that.

So, I cant help but wonder how / why I was quoted 24mbs pre sign up? It seems am paying infinity prices for what others in uk  get without fibreoptic infinity?

Don't think there is a solution - just venting. not thrilled.


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Re: 5 days in, and 8mbs download speed

are you sure you have infinity and not just adsl?  did you have an engineer fit the modem and the router?

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Re: 5 days in, and 8mbs download speed

Certainly something wrong, and there is probably (not certainly) something that can be done.  Just a few standard questions fist.


Are you running your computer wired to the HomeHub, or wireless?  If at all possible use wired, especially for testing as that sorts out difference between broadband issues and wireless issues.


Can your please run the speedtest at and after the test choose ‘Further Diagnostics’ and post the speeds and the profiles that this gives.  (Pretty much the same as the test you have already done, but not quite).  

Then, reset the HomeHub (not the white modem) and repeat the test about an hour later.  


Check your internal telephone wiring for extensions taken off a junction box between the incoming telephone line and the master socket (the one with the modem connected).  The extensions might be regular telephone extensions, or an alarm or SkyBox or .... These extensions could cause a problem whether they are in use or not.




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