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A problem with speed


I posted a while ago about my very long wait to have fibre installed after a home move (it took 5 and a half weeks in the end, and only then after it was passed onto a very helpful complaints handler who only took 2 days to kick butts into gear!)

This was finally live on 19th July, which was supposed to be 14th May. I got the speed I was quoted, 55Mbps. 2 days later, my phone line developed a fault, which of course knocked out the internet completely.

The fault was, however, fixed relatively quickly, it was reported on Friday and fixed on Monday 24th July. However, the speed is now only 30-35Mbps with the occasional speedtest reporting 37Mbps.
 I am wired direct to the router, with exactly the same setup as was in place when we had 55Mbps.

So I called BT technical support yesterday. At first I was told this would be caused by line stabilisation (not sure I believe this, as in my experience DLM would give you the best speed possible and downgrade you if there were issues), secondly that having 30-35Mbps was acceptable on my package and that they would do nothing about it. Surely if it was acceptable, I would be on the lower, 38Mbps package, and not the 76Mbps one?

After a frustrating arguement with a "technical manager" at the indian call center, nothing was resolved, and I was made to feel, once again, that BT don't give a flying f**k about a single customers complaints.

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Re: A problem with speed

Unfortuately, the way DLM works it can take quite a time for you speed to increase again after it has slowed down from fault or other problems on the line.  Often up to three weeks or a month; sometimes quite a bit quicker depending on details (that I don't understand) of the problem.


While hoping for an increase, disconnect/reconnect or restart the router (NOT modem) each morning; this is in case DLM has allowed your sync speed to increase but your IP profile has not increased to match.



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