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Activation day? Groundhog day more like!

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Fibre: Activation Day, Groundhog Day More Like

Hi all

Ordered fibre beginning of September. Given activation day of 20th September.

Nothing. Found BT wholesale web site where it told me activation day now 24th September. Nothing directly from BT.

24th. comes, nothing. No activation, no contact. Go on BT wholesale site, activation day now 26th!

Phone up BT to complain. Spoke to a great person on the phone in BT Dundee.  He tells me (when I eventually get through) that Openreach sent a guy down to my local exchange to do the swap over, he has a key to my cabinet, but NOT A KEY TO THE BIG IRON GATES that secure the place!

(I’ve since spoken to a BT engineer who suggested that the guy who was sent - was a contractor who would only have a key to the cabinet, not the compound – unsure how true this is).

Don’t worry, I’m told, we will get in touch by email and make sure this doesn’t happen again. New activation day of 28th.

Guess what? No activation.  New date of the 2nd of October!

This is crazy and such a waste of resources. For everyone.

There seems to be no one overseeing what goes on here and sorting things out, and also, and maybe more important from a customer POV, absolutely no info from BT unless I go and find it.

I think I’m taking the chance to leave BT, I know they still control the copper cables in my neck of the (literally) woods, but I think I have to vote with my feet.

And to add insult to injury, the My BT still shows as the activation date of the 20th, although the order is still open. I bet they try to charge me the extra cost for fibre for this time too as they think I’m connected, although I’m plainly not.

On the plus side, the two people I’ve spoken to at BT have been really helpful and interested. I’ve spoken to Pauline at BT today and she does seem fantastic and motivated to help me out. But the processes just tie everyone up.

Rant over.

Thanks for reading this far!

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Activation day? Groundhog day more like!

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openreach appear to be the problem and not helped by BT not keeping you up to date  moving before your activation on 2/10 will just complicate matters  bearing in mind that all ISPs apart from virgin use openreach

if you don't get activation on tuesday then post back and we can mods to help you

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Re: Activation day? Groundhog day more like!

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Hi All

Well, Pauline, bless her - whoever she is - came through.

I've been away in Europe for a few days and come back to connected fibre. Finally.

Great news. Appreciate the reponses.


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