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Am I in for a messy install if I get full fibre?

I'm currently out of contract and on 80/20 FTTC broadband. Work has been going on throughout my estate a few months ago installing full fibre and there's now a little black plastic access point in the footpath beside my fence.

BT and all other providers now show full fibre as available so I've been heavily considering it.

However, when I put my landline into the DSL checker it says 'Our records show the following FTTP network service information for these premises:-Single Dwelling Unit Residential UG Pre built to curtilage Hard.' Further googling on this lead me to a gigabit glossary which says:

'The fibre cable is routing underground, however there is no duct in place to your property, and the existing copper cables are directly buried in the ground. There may be some works required to install a duct or the cable underneath grass (soft dig). Depending on the location of the works, this may require 3rd party permissions, local authority permits, and there are lead times with the planners and civil engineering teams. The installation could take a long time depending on the complexity.'

The black access box in the footpath is only around 4.5m from the wall of my house that the outside box would be attached to. The garden is all red-brick paving. Would this have to be dug up or could the fibre be run above ground and pinned where the paving meets the garden wall? 

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Re: Am I in for a messy install if I get full fibre?

It would be put under the paving. It doesn't necessarily mean it would be a messy install though. They would probably use 12mm micro duct and the paving would be made good again.

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Re: Am I in for a messy install if I get full fibre?

As already said , a section of paving would have to be taken up ( not dug up ) but then restored / replaced after the cable/duct is installed from the ‘toby box’ to your house wall….TBH block pavers will show little to no evidence of the cable install , where as ( for example ) a tarmac surface would show a scar from the reinstatement  .

if you are in an area served by underground means , with no existing duct , then to get a cable to the wall of the property from the footpath will require excavation. 

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